Vocational Services

Our vocational services assist clients who have a need or desire to:

  • Find out what their natural vocational strengths and abilities are.
  • What career directions are best suited for them.
  • Identify the labor market needs and trends for the occupation or jobs they have an interest or ability in.
  • Understand their vocational strengths as they relate to a specific job or job category
  • Identify the educational programs, training locations, cost and time requirements of training options.

Rehabilitation Assessments

When used in conjunction with a rehabilitation service referral, the program incorporates a process for determining an individual’s work capabilities and associated jobs within their Residual Functional Capacities. It incorporates medical, psychological, social, vocational, educational, cultural, and economic data in a systematic analysis process.

What are some of the reasons for a vocational assessment?

  • To identify potential vocational objectives considering aptitudes, interests, temperaments, and physical capacities.
  • To assist in determining a person’s likelihood of success in a specific job or identifying their reasons for choosing and being motivated in a particular direction.
  • To more objectively and accurately describe a person’s interests and abilities.
  • To match and compare abilities and interests with stated abilities and interests.
  • To motivate or stimulate vocational decisions into
    realistic direction.
  • To support and enhance a person’s self-esteem and
    self-concept as it relates to the ability to perform jobs
    within their capabilities.
  • To assess and compare the aptitudes of a person with the
    necessary demands of various jobs as specified in the OES
    Code, and Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT).
  • To observe and evaluate the degree to which a diagnosed
    disability or handicap is likely to impact return to work
  • To assist in determining the level of employability of a
    person and/or identify vocational or rehabilitation
    services that are likely to be available and necessary
    to assist in overcoming employment barriers.